Who is Lizzie?

Why you wonder should you seek relationship advice from the Looney Bin?  Who is this Lizzie person who claims to have a different perspective on the crazy thing called love?  

This Lizzie person, me, is a 40ish single mother of 6 kids that I lovingly refer to as The Gaggle.  I am of the slightly cracked variety in that I have Bipolar Disorder and ADD and am just generally a nut job.  In a good, fun, nutty sometimes senseless but often humorous kinda way.

Oh I know if you go to those dating sites and read the forums you will see some post, or maybe 50 that proclaim in CAPITAL letters, DATING A BIPOLAR - JUST RUN THE OTHER WAY!!  Well I am here to tell you that is just a bunch of hooey bunk!  It's unfair and although true, dating a person with bipolar disorder can prove challenging, it can also be rewarding.  There is never a dull moment for sure and it's unfair that we are ostracized just because of a silly little mental disorder by some smuck or a bunch of them that weren't evolved enough to handle it.  Quite frankly it pisses me off.  I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask you to put up with a few awkward mood issues if you want me to pick up your dirty socks and underwear.  I mean it's all dirty laundry anyways. 

People take the little things in love way too seriously.  They don't know how to find the humor in it.  Yes I know it is your relationship but what is your point?  

I am here to show you that a person with bipolar disorder needs love too.  We are human .  I take the issues my friends tell me about in their relationships as well as stuff from my own and give them back to you with a little Lizzie spin.  

The only thing I am really any kind of expert in is life.  I am a student and I have been here long enough to have seen and learned a few things.  So let Dear Lizzie amuse you and possibly help you through a rough time.  I have had a few and if I don't know what to do, I most likely know what not to.  And when to just toss in the towel and pop a few klonopin too.  This is in the spirit of good humor.  Love from a laughing, cracked, been around the block, non-expert, student of life may show you a new perspective.

For all the bad things about being bipolar, the stuff you hear in conversation and on t.v., there is equal good. 
There are bad days for sure and there are days when a relationship is not the best thing...don't you have times like that too.  But it is a manageable illness and someone who has a handle on it and understands themselves may be a better partner than the average bear. 

Humor is how I handle painful stuff and writing is how I vent.  Klonopin is how I stay calm.  Medication is not always required and I make a point of not answering deep issues while too heavily sedated.  (In truth, at the present time I am not medicated at all except for the occasional klonopin, which is a whole different ball game.)

At the very least you will laugh a little.  Maybe even a lot.  Hopefully you will see a person not too different from you and understand that bipolar does not equal unlovable.  It's just a thought.  A dream of mine.

That I don't have to see those forum posts warning all to run  saying  that I and those like me are not worth your time or love.
We are all afflicted with being human and every human being has worth. 

The bottom line is it's all about love.  Love is crazy.  And so am I, a little bit.  So see?  

from the looney bin 

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